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Our Cleaning Process
What is involved?

On arrival at your home, I will quickly inspect the appliance, confirm the price quoted and then inform you of any additional costs that may be incurred - new bulbs, oven door seals etc.

I will then be able give you an approximate completion time for the oven clean.

The appliance will be cleaned inside the premises, with the racks, glass, fan cover and door seals taken to the van.

How long does it take?

This depends upon the size and the overall condition of the appliance. 

Generally speaking I would allow up to:

  • Two hours for a single oven.

  • Three for a double oven.

  • Between four and six hours for a range, AGA oven and hob.

All chemicals used in the household are safe to handle and inhale.


I use a general degreaser and oven paste which can be purchased from any high street outlet.

The chemical I use in the van is caustic soda, which is in a insulated, watertight tank.

None of this chemical will be brought into the premises and all oven furniture is rinsed with fresh water. 

What chemicals are used?
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