Our Cleaning Process
What is involved?

On arrival at your home, I will quickly inspect the appliance, confirm the price quoted and then inform you off any additional costs that may be incurred - new bulbs, oven door seals etc.

I will then be able give you an approximate completion time for the oven clean.

The appliance will be cleaned inside the premises, with the racks, glass, fan cover and door seals taken to the van.

How long does it take?

This depends upon the size and the overall condition of the appliance. 


Generally speaking I would allow up to:

two hours for a single oven. Three for a double oven and between four and six hours for a range, AGA oven and hob.

All chemicals used in the household are safe to handle and inhale.


I use a general degreaser and oven paste which can be purchased from any high street outlet.

The chemical I use in the van is caustic soda, which is in a insulated, watertight tank.

None of this chemical will be brought into the premises and all oven furniture is rinsed with fresh water. 

What chemicals are used?

All extractor fans and hoods can be cleaned.


I carry a large supply of filters and bulbs in my vehicle. So not only can the appliance be cleaned but can also replace any dirty filters and replace faulty bulbs.

I carry foam, paper and metal filters and the price will be cheaper than ordering online.

Extractor Fans
Hob Cleaning

All types of hobs are cleaned.


From standard four burner gas and electric, to eight burners on the 110cm range ovens.

Hobs can be cleaned whether they are stainless steel, enamel or teflon coated units.


I clean the pan racks, the burners, the enamel discs, the switches and control knobs, also the splash backs if needed.

Oven Cleaning

I clean all residential ovens, from built in 60cm single and double ovens, to 110cm range ovens.


I also provide a clean and refurbishment service for AGA/Rayburn stoves.


I use a general degreaser to clean inside the ovens, not steam, as this can cause ovens to become faulty due to the excess water near the electrical components. 

AGA and Rayburn

Bob's Oven Cleaning Services, also provide a cleaning and refurbishment service for all types of AGA and Rayburn ovens.

Over time the build up of fat and grease on the enamel surfaces, can make the shine of the enamel diminish.  With a yearly deep clean, using steam and enamel safe cleaning products. A tired looking oven, can be made to look brand new in just a few hours.


Included in the deep clean service, all ovens will be cleaned and the doors removed to clean the aluminium door liners. 

A comprehensive refurbishment, can bring an old AGA or Rayburn back to its former glory. Replacing dome liners, door seals and insulation can really improve the look and efficiency of the appliance.

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Price List
Single Oven

Single  £45.00*

Single  + 4 burner hob £60.00

Double Oven

Double  £60.00*

Double + 4 burner hob £75.00

AGA Ovens

90cm - Single Oven £80.00**
90cm - Double Oven £90.00**
100cm - Double Oven £100.00**
110cm - Double Oven £120.00**

4 Burners  £15.00
5 Burners   £20.00  
6 Burners  £25.00

Electric Hobs

4 Rings £15.00
5 Rings  £15.00
6 Rings  £20.00


60cm  £10.00  
90cm  £15.00  
110cm  £20.00


Trays  £5.00
Bulb Replacement  £5.00  
Oven Liner  £5.00


** Price includes the cleaning of the hob.

Gas Hobs
Range Ovens

* Price includes the cleaning of one tray

AGA ovens- Please call for a quote.

Ways to Pay

We have a variety of ways to make the paying for the cleaning of your oven convenient and simple.


I accept cash on completion of the work, and will let you have a receipt for your records.

Debit Cards

I carry a card machine that is completely portable and easy to use. All you need is your bank card and PIN number.

BACS Payments

On the back of the receipt I will let you have my bank details so you can pay me at your earliest convenience through your internet banking service.

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