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AGA and Rayburn

Bob's Oven Cleaning Services also provide a cleaning and refurbishment service for all types of AGA and Rayburn ovens.

Over time the build-up of fat and grease on the enamel surfaces can make the shine of the enamel diminish.  With a yearly deep clean, using steam and enamel safe cleaning products. A tired-looking oven can be made to look brand new in just a few hours.


Included in the deep clean service, all ovens will be cleaned and the doors removed to clean the aluminium door liners. 

A comprehensive refurbishment, can bring an old AGA or Rayburn back to its former glory. Replacing dome liners, door seals and insulation can really improve the look and efficiency of the appliance.

Call today for a quote - 07759 398410 or 01484 313704

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