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Oven Cleaning

I clean all residential ovens, from built in 60cm single and double ovens to 110cm range ovens.


I also provide a clean and refurbishment service for AGA/Rayburn stoves.


I use a general degreaser to clean inside the ovens, not steam, as this can cause ovens to become faulty due to the excess water near the electrical components. 

Hob Cleaning

All types of hobs are cleaned.


From standard four burner gas and electric to eight burners on the 110cm range ovens.

Hobs can be cleaned whether they are stainless steel, enamel or teflon coated units.


I clean the pan racks, the burners, the enamel discs, the switches and control knobs, also the splash backs if needed.

Extractor Fans

All extractor fans and hoods can be cleaned.


I carry a large supply of filters and bulbs in my vehicle. So not only can the appliance be cleaned but I can also replace any dirty filters and replace faulty bulbs.

I carry foam, paper and metal filters and the price will be cheaper than ordering online.

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